Citigroup on Facebook!!!

April 3, 2009

No seriously! I received an email from Citibank…or Citigroup…or is it just Citi now?…When did they become the P-Diddy of banks? Anyway, I received an email a couple of weeks ago letting me know that “P-Citi” is on Facebook and I should “Become a Fan”. Inititally I just deleted the email with a scoff and a headshake, but for some reason, perhaps the fact that I’m petty and vindictive, I find myself aggravated that these turds would have the gall to ‘friend’ me when they still haven’t psoted my credit yet.

Out of curiosity, I found the Citi Cards page on Facebook and see that it’s some promotion where they are donating $50 to a charity of your choice if ou sign up for a card through their new app and I felt better about the whole ordeal. Not because of the charitable donations but becasue I saw they have 6,413 Fans and I realized that despite being a moron, there are at least 6,413 people that are dumber than me in the world.


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