You Need a Budget – Budgeting Software

February 9, 2009

When I initially set out to create a budget, I simply used a spreadsheet and several months worth of bills, credit card statements, and our checkbook register. Once I figured out where all of our money was going every month (and where some of it should be going instead) I made the jump to using the You Need A Budget software program, YNAB Pro. The software is similar to Quicken, which I’ve used in the past, but it is, obviously, geared more towards budgeting instead of account/investment tracking.

I find the program very useful for quick and thorough expense tracking using the register to enter transactions for multiple accounts, assigning a budget category to each (or multiple categories with the split transaction capabilities) and having it automatically update my budget. I’ve only been using the software less a month but I like it a lot.

The Pro software was $49.95 but I received 10% ($4.99) of using a coupon code from the YNAB website found through a Google search. I’ll discuss the YNAB software more after I’ve used it a little more.


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